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The Versies Picies suggests that the process set in motion with the drawing of the first point has begun to bear fruit.


From the point, the line and the circle have unfolded, the spiral and the eclipse have come into being, and now a second circle have taken shape, producing the versica, the symbol or creation.

The Space between the circles is a womb from which any number of things are reborn.....

John Michael Greer -  Techniques For Geometric Transformation

When we built True Imagination Station, in the Beginning, it was about reshaping & influencing the flow of the Worldwide Economy. Occupying the internet with Small Business, Non Profits, Pickers, Dreamers & Artisans one post and tweet at a time.


Since then we have grown, reshaped, physically saving local Blue Collar Jobs and taken over almost every Social Network on the web and there's no stopping us now!

True Imagination Station is 100% an out of pocket Organization! Our Tweet and Facebook sponsorship of organizations and Small Businesses are FREE. We schedule, post, share for ZERO Pay!

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